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This page provides resources and information about CAHELP programs and services that assist educators in member school districts (local education agencies). Educators and district staff will find information on workshop and training activities, and how to access support for services available to their district. The CAHELP services fall under several broad categories including administrative services, educational services, and finance and business services, professional learning, individual protections and ADR, and curriculum and instruction.

There are three primary branches of services within the CAHELP JPA, each providing unique services to member school districts (local education agencies).

Desert/Mountain Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)
Desert/Mountain Charter SELPA

Desert/Mountain Children's Center (DMCC)

Take a moment and browse our website, specifically under our About Us to learn more about how the CAHELP is working to serve and fulfill its mission of The Relentless Pursuit of Whatever Works in the Life of a Child through its programs.

Questions: JPA Administrative Services Assistant | 760-552-6700, ext. 3555

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