About Us


We are a public education consortium of school districts and charter schools (also known as local education agencies). Our mission is the Relentless Pursuit of Whatever Works in the Life of a Child and we achieve this mission through the programs and supports we provide to educators, children, students, families, and communities. We serve children annually through innovative behavioral health programs and we provide school districts and charter schools with consultation, special education supports, prevention and intervention supports, and professional development. Our office consists of three primary branches of services, each providing unique services to member school districts: Desert/Mountain SELPA, Desert/Mountain Charter SELPA, and Desert/Mountain Children's Center.

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Member Local Education Agencies

In adopting the Special Education Local Plan, member local education agencies in our SELPAs agree to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned within the Local Plan. Our members are responsible for ensuring that children with disabilities are educated with children who are non-disabled to the maximum extent appropriate. The superintendent/CEO of member local education agencies are the representatives to the CAHELP Governance Council and provide a liaison function between the local governing school board and the Governance Council.

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