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We offer professional learning courses that are supported by research and are provided by specialists in their field. Most of our courses are offered regionally and are scheduled throughout the year. Many courses can also be scheduled at the district, charter, or school site by completing an On-site Request Form. On-site training(s) can be scheduled to be hosted on-site. A minimum number of participants may be required for specific trainings due to the content and/or interactive nature of the training.

Professional Learning Pathways Leading to a Certificate of Completion

Participating in a pathway allows for a deeper understanding and integration of the academic, behavioral, and social/emotional needs of the students we serve. Participants are able to prioritize courses to attend that fit the unique practices, values, and beliefs of their other school site or LEA. Opportunities for learning may include technical assistance and coaching, depending on the course and needs of the participants. This also allows for learning over time and for building long-term professional relationships with participating LEAs and the program staff of the Desert Mountain Special Education Local Plan Area (DMSELPA), Desert Mountain Charter Special Education Local Plan Area (DMCS), and the Desert Mountain Children's Center (DMCC).

For questions, please e-mail the Office Specialist II or contact 760-955-3552 for more information.

Interconnected Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (IMTSS)

Our interconnected Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (IMTSS) framework will help ensure that all students have an evidence-based system of instruction, school climate, and comprehensive social/emotional supports that will assist them in achieving success. This unique combination
  • Embraces and addresses the diverse needs of all students
  • Provides high-quality curricula aligned with resources and supports
  • Provides additional supports and interventions for students when necessary
  • Aligns the systems necessary for academic, behavioral, and social/emotional success

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