Assessment & IEP


All referrals for special education and related services shall initiate the assessment process and shall be documented. When a verbal referral is made, staff of the local education agency, special education local plan area, or county office shall offer assistance to the individual making a request in writing, and shall assist the individual if he/she requests such assistance.

Timeline for Assessment
Referral Verbal or Written Referral from Parent, School Staff, or Community
Assessment Plan
With 15 Days
from LEA
Informed Consent
At least 15 Days
from Parent
Complete Assessment
Within 60 Days of LEA receiving the signed Assessment Plan
by LEA
Hold IEP Meeting
Hold IEP meeting (not including days between regular school sessions or vacation in excess of five school days)
by LEA
Development and/or Implement IEP
As soon as possible
by LEA
IEP Review
Annually by LEA

A student is assessed in all areas related to his or her suspected disability including, where appropriate, health and development, vision, including low vision, hearing, motor abilities, language function, general intelligence, academic performance, communicative status, self-help, orientation and mobility skills, career and vocational abilities and interests, and social emotional status. A developmental history is also obtained when appropriate.

Assessments are conducted by persons competent to perform the assessment, as determined by the local education agency. The evaluator prepares a written report or reports, as appropriate, of the results of each assessment. The report shall include, but not be limited to the need for specialized services, materials, or equipment for students with low incidence disabilities, consistent with guidelines established.

Elementary-age Caucasian male child pointing to words navigating the IEP process